about the brand

Our aim is to bring quality, affordable, luxury products to the market. Equestrian goods are often very expensive, and for lots of people unobtainable; we believe all equestrians should have access to items at a reasonable price point, to be as inclusive as possible.


2021 sees us release a larger rider wear collection and we are thrilled that we have been able to make it as environmentally sustainable as possible, by using fabrics made from recycled materials. The range has been meticulously developed by riders over a long time to ensure the best possible, fit, style, and comfort for fellow riders. 

All our bridles are designed in house and are rigorously tested before they make it to the website. We use the highest grade, eco-friendly leather to ensure the finest quality, along with soft supple luxury. To learn more about the leather we use please see “Understanding Leather”.

our founder

LWEquine was founded in 2018 by Lucy Warbrick, a dressage trainer and judge from Lancashire in the UK. She set out to bring quality yet affordable bridles to the market and more recently developed our luxury rider wear collection.


Lucy has worked in the equestrian industry for over 15 years, having traveled all over the world as a rider/groom both in showjumping and dressage, before returning to the UK to set up on her own. Lucy’s years of experience within the industry gave her first-hand access to many many top brands and their quality/affordability and durability.


Using this knowledge she set out to design a range of bridles that are functional and stylish yet still affordable and LWEquine was born.