A catch up from Caitlin Burgess on her Team GB Debut

Not sure where to start . . .

The last few months have been incredible but like anything it hasn’t been without its challenges!

After an unforgettable experience at squad training we were lucky enough to be selected for our first ever international at Keysoe CDI***!

Following a mix up with our test riding times and a very quick change,tack up and warm up Stan went into the arena feeling a little more exuberant than needed. Despite this we still managed to score 67% to lead the junior section. As a result of this we were selected for Keysoe... completely unexpected and therefore emotional to say the least.

The whole experience at Keysoe was completely mind-blowing and still doesn’t feel real. Stan behaved impeccably over the four days and even though our individual test didn’t go to plan, he tried his heart out and I’m so proud of him. He had never been in an atmosphere like it before but took it all in his stride. We went with no expectations so to come away with 68%+ and 2nd ( just 0.3% away from the winner) in our team test was amazing! To top it off we came 3rd with 69%+ in our freestyle which was the first ever time both me had Stan had ever done it!

From this we have now been selected to go to Saumur CDI at the beginning of may, yet again did not expect this at all! We have had a crazy few weeks planning everything and trying to find someone who could take us as we only have a trailer, everything has happened so fast .. not sure when it’s all going to sink in.

We also received exciting news to say that we have been invited to Somerford premier league for the invitational junior viewing trials at the end of may. It’s going to be another busy month!

As I said at the start, the last few months haven’t been without its challenges . . .

Between test riding and Keysoe CDI we had winter regionals and unfortunately the judges didn’t seem to appreciate Stans moonwalk even though he did it the whole way down the arena..

I’ve come to conclusion he just doesn’t like regionals as last year we got eliminated! However we are aiming to qualify for summer regionals this year so hopefully it will be a case of third time lucky!

At the beginning of April we had the area festival championship at Hartpury winter Nationals. We came away with 65%+ in our 5th ever PSG and an overall 8th even with not being able to count to 4 and a rather interesting rear in our pirouette which was a double mark movement so was a very costly mistake! I was still very happy with him as he is still inexperienced at this level and he coped extremely well in the atmosphere.

Massive thank you to everyone who has helped us and given us some amazing opportunities, we wouldn’t be able to do what we have achieved without you, special thanks to The Talland school of Equitation and E-motion equine therapy and LWEquine for your continued support it means so much. Living the dream!

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