An update from Caitlin Burgess

It’s been a bizarre and difficult year for everyone but hopefully the worst is over and we can all start looking to a more positive 2021!

As difficult as lockdown has been it has done Stan and I the world of good to not have the pressure of competing and be able to concentrate on things that we would normally brush past. Our results since coming out of lockdown definitely show just how much difference it makes and how important it is to improve areas where marks can be easily picked up through a small adjustment to the way the movement is ridden and therefore being able pick up those extra half marks which make so much difference to the final score!

Despite losing half a year of competing Stan and I have managed to still have a successful year!

We have competed at two International shows at young rider level, being placed in the top 3 every time and won the Petplan bronze intermediate 1 at the rescheduled winter championships. Since coming out of lockdown we have had just 2 scores under the 70% barrier!

Stan has been on super form all year and has become so much more reliable in the arena, every test we now do I can ride down that centre line knowing he will want to give me a 100% and that he will try his heart out. To me that’s worth more than any big score or win, I really cant ask any more from him.

Back to the beginning of the year where I was lucky enough to purchase a gorgeous foal from MFS Stud called MFS Furst Sandreo AKA George. Annoyingly I haven’t been able to see him since so I am super excited to be heading up to Scotland this week to see him! (Can’t wait to see the rest of the foals too... what’s one more?!)

I must say a massive thank you to everyone at MFS Stud for taking such good care of him and tolerating his cheekiness..... he seems to be turning into the young version of Stan as well as looking so similar!

And whilst we are on the topic... I am excited to say that all going well I will have some news very shortly regarding some very lovely youngsters!

We do have a few shows planned in the coming months but due to the uncertainty around the current issue we will just have to wait and see!

Hopefully we can start looking at a better 2021 with having Stan and I campaign for the young rider Europeans and maybe even have a few youngsters out aiming for the young horse championship!

Lastly I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has helped and supported us not just this year but every year. There are so many people who get us to the shows with these results from farriers to physios to sponsors to vets and saddlers to trainers to friends and family it really does take a lot and we couldn’t do any of it without you all!

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