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Well what a couple of weeks we have been having!! We've been partying, and galloping round fields and over jumps even though it means little human has to braid my hair like a girl - yuk!

I'm Doc btw, and my little human is called Franki.. and she is my partner in crime!

I'll start from a few weeks back. So recently little human has been riding me more, round and round and round the mini rubber field (I think the humans call it an arena?) we do all sorts of shapes and we have started going sideways too! I'm not quite sure what she wants half the time, but I try and entertain her best I can...

When the sun is out we go cantering (that's my favourite thing to do!) And it's so much fun flying up the fields, I know I can go faster but my little human says "whoa" and of course I have to slow down, after all I better keep on her good side... she supplies the crunchie orange vegetables of joy!!

So, last week I was loaded into the magical tardis, somehow I just knew it was a special trip. She washed me head to toe, which did not impress me at all... I did try telling her it's the start of March?! She bunched my hair up, and clipped my feathers - I soon knew we were heading to a partayyy!

And boy I wasn't wrong! I did sort of remember doing a couple of these type of parties last year but I was just so excited to be out and about. I wobbled through the "dressage" I think it's called, I just wanted to get to the fun part!

My little human was so excited I could tell, and after all the training through the winter I knew what to do with the jumping! Round we flew I was having such a good time, round I whizzed... pretty sure I heard someone say it was against the clock? No? Okay maybe that was just me. CLEAR! Little human gives me lots of pats (and treats) when I do a clear!

Next... Well what can I say the best bit! The cross country - woooo!

I LOVED it, little human did too. We run round fields and jumped loads, there was water and skinnies and ditches - everything we have practised! And another CLEAR!

Everyone was patting me and making a fuss, Although I'm not sure why - I was just having a good time!

And then, the next weekend it happened again?! My pal Obi came this time too, which is the best because he always brings lots of hay... a friend that feeds, is a friend indeed! (That's right isn't it?)

We both did really well, both double clear and finished on our dressage scores... and we won a frilly each! I got a 5th and Obi got a 4th! But more importantly LOADS of the orange veggies of delight.

I already can't wait for the next one which I hope is really soon! Little human says we are off to Gt Witch in a couple of weeks! So hooves crossed we have another successful one!

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