Winter training update from Brand Ambassador Caitlin Burgess

After a quiet November the first few weeks in December were very busy with GB Junior squad training and our first High Profile show at Keysoe. Keysoe didn't go to plan as the atmosphere was a little too much for Stan and he decided to practice his acrobatics, however, without his freestyle moves he was on top form which is exciting for the rest of the season. We had an amazing few days at Squad training and Stan was back on best behaviour! I had a great strength and conditioning session and sports psychology session as well as two fantastic lessons with Dan Greenwood, it was nice to strip everything down and go back to the basics and work on his way of going.

After a short Christmas holiday for both me and Stan we were back out competing at Hartpury at the beginning of January, we had two solid scores in the high 60s which was a good positive way to start the season, he behaved impeccably considering Hartpury isn't his favourite venue. Also recently we were at Addington High Profile it was a day of ups and downs we managed 67.77% in the FEI Junior team test even with mistakes but he tried his absolutely heart out for me. Unfortunately in the second test all was going well until Stan unfortunately had a small trip in the walk pirouette and scared himself, we then had a few very tense movements which cost us a lot of marks. Even though we didn't have the best second test I couldn't be prouder of how far we have come in the last year, I would have never of thought that we would be doing what we are now. We have a very exciting year ahead of us. We have regionals and test riding at the end of February and we are hoping to do our first premier league, also to qualify for summer regionals at AM & PSG, and also would love to compete in my first Inter 1 in order to qualify for area festival finals and compete in the small tour championship. I’m super excited for this season and can’t wait to be able to show what this horse can do! Massive Thank you to Pammy Hutton and everyone at The Talland school of Equitation for giving me so many opportunities and helping me along the way I couldn't have done any of this without them and to everyone who has supported me it means so much. Another massive thank you to Lucy at LWEquine for the support, Stan looks absolutely amazing in his gorgeous bridle!!

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